atolo Disaster Recovery

Going beyond backups

Backups are a necessity for every bit of data and system, they are great for recovering files and mishaps, though it's with DR that you can truly be ready.

Replicating your on-premise and cloud systems in their entirety, you have a switch which if turned on will spin up for the entire environment in another location away from the disaster.

With options for cloud platforms such as Azure Site Recovery and AWS Disaster Recovery, or privately hosted data centre and on-premise multi-site replication, we work with you to identify solutions that fit into your existing IT Infrastructure and provide the most impact to your backup and recovery strategy.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Reduce costs

Lower the demand for DR infrastructure for business outages.

Utilising the Cloud with low-cost storage for your replicated systems and data, you only pay for the resource you need in the event of an outage.

Simplified Integration

Providing comprehensive coverage across VMware and Hyper-v virtual machines and Linux and Windows physical servers, without the need to maintain the infrastructure.

Dependable Recovery

Offering service uptime of 99.9% (SLA), you can be confident that with Cloud Disaster Recovery, your IT Infrastructure will always be available.

On-Premise Cross-Site Recovery

Complete ownership

Retaining complete control of your DR infrastructure, your test and failover in the event of disaster, without additional running costs.


Your replicated servers can be already running, constantly in sync and tested to ensure if disaster hits your ready to go.

Recovery Time Impact

With no additional runtime costs, you can run your infrastructure in recovery without the stress and overhead of bills.

Physical access provides the ultimate flexibility for your recovery strategy using fast and secure physical transport methods for your data, without waiting for the download.

High availability approach - Continuity

When you're running a system providing financial transactions, customer orders or JIT (Just in Time) operations, even with a full DR solution the smallest disruption can be damaging to business workflow and post administration/data entry.

We work with your existing software suppliers to synchronously replicate each individual data transaction across multiple sites and platforms in real-time eliminating any single point of failure if your customer places an order the very moment your production database fails, it's already recorded in your replicated database and accessible.

Understanding the importance of workforce to your business, we take Continuity further by analysing your processes, working with staff to identify critical requirements for operations and introducing incident processes and guides for staff to follow to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.


Where to begin?

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