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The perfect architecture tailored for your business

Working with your business to identify your objectives, workflow and policy constraints, together we design and implement solutions that not only address the problems you face but also prepare you for the future.

Working with your business to identify your objectives, workflow and policy constraints, together we design and implement solutions that not only address the problems you face but also prepare you for the future.

We provide an open canvas to share your thoughts and ideas with no restriction to a single technology stack or hardware vendor, we'll identify and present to you the best platform options to suit your needs.

ing directly with our Consultants, Atolo provides the flexibility to scale resources as your business goals change, to ensure your servers are consistently responsive and fully secured while preventing potentially large wasteful costs of hardware ownership.


Providing the best flexibility and security for your business, virtualisation has become the standard approach to on-premise IT operations.

As server hardware performance increased, applications and tasks such as email, storing data files and accountancy applications no longer needed to utilise all that performance. Instead, these applications can run inside their separate virtual servers all operating on the same server hardware, bringing about benefits that are welcomed to any organisation.

  1. Reduced Hardware Costs

    You simply need fewer servers than previously.

  2. Increased reliability

    You can now implement redundancy for server failure, as you need less of them.

  3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

    You have fewer servers to manage, hardware to maintain.

  4. Increased Green Energy Saving

    With fewer servers, you don't need as much energy to power or keep your servers cool.

  5. Improved Disaster Recovery

    With virtual servers, each server can be replicated to another private site or to the Cloud in case of disaster.

  6. Optimising Performance

    With virtual servers, you can provision dynamically lower the virtual resources to one application while increasing the performance of another, to ensure your workloads get the most out of your investment.

  7. Use the Cloud when you need it

    With hybrid Cloud, you can relocate your most demanding applications to the Cloud without having to procure additional hardware, excellent for temporary demand or even as a step to remove your on-premise footprint altogether.

Microsoft Server

Microsoft has continued to advance their Windows Server platforms in such a way that small and large businesses can benefit from great technology when implemented efficiently.

  • Virtualisation with Hyper-V built into Windows built-in
  • Hyper-V Shield encryption for virtual machines
  • Hyper-V support for Linux VMs and Containers
  • Storage Spaces with SSD storage tiering
  • Micro and Core Windows Servers to further reduce resource overhead
  • Pairing Exchange Distributed Availability Groups and Exchange Online in the Cloud, to benefit from the Cloud while maintaining Geographical boundaries
  • Failover Clustering for networking, applications and virtual servers Desired State Configuration (DSC) to keep servers consistent across your infrastructure
  • Central management of services with error reporting, performance metrics and updates

Supporting Open Source

Providing technical support and consultancy for clients utilising a range of opensource applications, from scaling and performance for websites and HA MySQL workloads, server migrations and virtualisation, backup and failover strategies, with Debian and Redhat Linux derivatives we provide services to our clients across a wide range of solution architecture.

Apple for business

Working with MDM and Profile Management solutions, we integrate your MacOS deployments as a centrally managed platform with integration into your existing Active Directory and Cloud services. Enabling businesses to use their choice of technology and not restricted to a single platform.

Integrate your business

Providing a comprehensive package, utilising the best available solutions integrated seamlessly to offer you everything you need for how you want to work.

When operating within Atolo service platforms such as Virtual Desktop, Email, Files and Backup services, we integrate your computers, servers and cloud IaaS applications directly into our managed domain services, providing seamless access to on-premise, cloud and Atolo services, with the complex maintenance and security handling taken care of.

File Services

Offering highly available and geographically distributed file services with seamless integration into Virtual Workspace and Atolo Integrated Domain, we provide a secure file service, ensuring that your data is protected and accessible where you need it.

With remote Work Folders, your company data can be securely synchronised with staff laptops for offline access, kept encrypted and secure to protect your company intellectual property, providing true flexibility for a demanding workforce.

Email Services

Providing options for cost-effective essential email services or fully private and highly available Microsoft Exchange as a service, we are able to offer a range of email facilities without the overhead of server management and employing expertise. We put our service in your hands, you can provision and manage access to your own email accounts while we take care of everything else.

Providing a truly flexible and trusted service, your email can be secured further with your choices of external service integration, such as Mimecast and Veritas, to provide advanced spam protection, email continuity and journaling services.

Understanding the importance of security, we work directly with your suppliers, legal representatives and banking facilities to implement secure digital IDs for true encrypted email in transit.

Bridge Networking

Integrating an Atolo managed physical or virtual appliance into your existing IT environment, your cloud IaaS servers can be presented to your existing network and managed by your own IT staff as if they were sitting in your own server room. Keeping management simple and retaining true ownership of your data and business systems.

Taking an always-connected approach, AlwaysOn VPN services allow travelling staff to connect to your company resources seamlessly, no matter where they are located with just an internet connection, ensuring that staff and their devices are always updated with the latest policies, security implementations and ensuring that your company always maintains control of your data.

Proactive Infrastructure monitoring

It's not just about responding to failures in the system, we analysis how your systems behave across your entire infrastructure to better tune and ensure stability and long life for your servers.


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