atolo Networking

The complete networking solution that won't slow you down

With all that resiliency and high availability put into your servers and cloud infrastructure, it's your network that keeps your business moving and customers using your services.

Understanding how your information flows and systems communicate is key to ensuring your network is secure, resilient and fast.

Software Defined Networking

Bringing the latest technology into your office, managing and maintaining your network has never been easier, you can increase capacity with additional devices in hours, network security policies in minutes and stop any suspicious activity or devices in their tracks.

With the Cloud, you can manage your switches and gateways from a single interface with real-time statistics so you know exactly what's happening on your network.

Internet connectivity

Partnering with vendors providing industry-leading network services through London and the UK, we are able to offer ultra-fast Ethernet, Leaded Line, MPLS and WiMAX services, with speeds up to 10 Gb/s your business will never slow down.

For the ultimate flexibility, we can provide mobile broadband services for use at popup remote office or travelling staff with the option of connecting directly to your private MPLS network.

High-density WiFi solutions

Geared towards the demands of the modern office wireless workflow, we match and fit the solution that meets your business demands.

Analysis of your work environment, be that a 5 or 200 person office or a well travelled shop floor, we wrap your workplace in a wireless blanket with seamless connectivity and security.

Using the power of the Cloud, you can have real-time insight into how your network is performing for an individual device or multiple geographical networks.

Micro Segmentation

Working with a zero-trust approach to network device security, we keep your applications and data flowing while isolating potential threats and unsolicited intruders from breaching your systems and confidential information.

We start with your systems native capabilities, centrally orchestrated though server policies we isolate data traffic between applications and systems for every implementation as our standard practice.

Reviewing your specific operational requirements and security needs, we identify and implement further solutions which work to the latest security practices, providing future resilience and flexibility.

Structured Cabling

Partnering with dedicated networking professionals, we can provide a comprehensive range of Ethernet and Fibre Optic cabling.

Proactive Network monitoring

It's not just about responding to failures and events at your firewall, we constantly analysis how your systems talking within your perimeter, understanding network behaviour across your entire infrastructure to ensure everything is running at peak efficiency and secure.


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